My Joyful Space is dedicated in enabling others to start anew life by eliminating clutter and creating their own joyful space.  That is, through KNOWING what and why decluttering is important, LEARNING different organization strategies that best suit you, and getting INSPIRED through the success stories of others.


Everyone has had that moment - in between our busy schedules, we make a mental note of tidying up a certain space but never making it. We just don't have enough time, it's not a priority, stuff just never seem to cease piling up, and it doesn't seem to impact our daily lives anyway, or so we think. I understand - this is the reality of life.

But what if living in a decluttered and organized space can really bring you joy? What if you can start anew without clutter?

Through this blog, I'll walk you through my own tidying journey, as well as other people's transformation.

I invite you in discovering the joy of decluttering and organizing to create your own joyful space.

Whether it be a space in your home, office, or even in your computers - let's inspire each other to transform our space into a joyful one!