What is the KonMari Method?


What is the konmari method?

The KonMari Method is basically a system and philosophy for tidying your home. But what sets it apart from other organization systems is that it focuses on the mindset of surrounding yourself with things that sparks joy in your life.

Ever since I got hooked on the little book called, "Spark Joy" by Marie Kondo, I've been talking non-stop about the KonMari Method to my family, friends, colleagues, and now through my blog. And alot of people would ask, what is it really?

The Philosophy

Let me excerpt some of the definitions from their official website:

The Philosophy: The KonMari Method™ is a way of life and a state of mind that encourages cherishing the things that sparks joy in people’s lives.

The Magic: The charm of the KonMari Method™ lies in its power to change lives, beyond being a helpful guide to tidying your home.

Personally, I was really drawn into the philosophy of the KonMari Method. Who wouldn't want to live a joyful life, right? But with regards to the promised "magic", I was honestly quite adamant at first. I just didn't think that tidying can have such an impact in my life given that I've been quite organized myself. Obviously, it worked for me, but it took some real time and effort. 

The Method

What I think has been very helpful in bringing out the "magic" of the KonMari method is its 6 step method for tidying. Each step is essential in fulfilling its philosophy and magic. I really recommend that you follow these steps one by one!

1. Commit yourself to tidying up

Don't think that your current state is hopeless. Remember that clutter are tangible objects and are finite, so tidying can be done. Just believe in yourself and apply the right method.

2. Imagine your ideal lifestyle

As they say, all things are created twice - mentally and physically. Envision what kind of house you want to live in and how you want to live in it. When you imagine your ideal lifestyle, it is easier for you to create a home that will give you peace and and joy.

3. Finish discarding first

I think the most common mistake especially for people who likes to organize ( like me) is to attempt to store everything without getting rid of anything.  Whenever we see nice storage boxes (especially on-sale!), we immediately buy (sometimes hoard) without really thinking the items we wish to keep and discard.

But when I decided to focus on discarding first, I realized that I don't really need a lot of storage boxes. For one, I have less items to store, and second, I was able to re-use and re-purpose existing containers I have.  And when I have to purchase one, it became easier to choose the type of storage container I need too!

4. Tide by Category, not by location

Alot of the organization systems I've encountered would always recommend to tidy per location. But the KonMari Method is strictly opposed to this.  Tidying per room will only shuffle your things around from one location to another.

Basic categories are:

  1. Clothing

  2. Books

  3. Papers

  4. Komono (miscellaneous) 

  5. Sentimental items.

These can be further broken down into sub-categories. Watch out for my personal experiences in dealing with each of these!

5. Follow the right order

Aside from tidying by category, the KonMari Method also prescribes to tidy following the order above. This is really helpful because one, it gave me a clear structure on which to tackle first and second, it also slowly honed my sensitivity to joy. 

If you'll notice, the komono and sentimental items are put at the last part simply because these are the hardest to discard!

6. Ask yourself if it sparks joy

This ultimate criterion of what to keep vs. what to discard is whether or not something sparks joy. This can be done by listening to how your body responds. Choose what you keep and not what you discard. Keep only things that bring you joy.

I highly recommend that you try this method if you want a more joyful approach in decluttering and organizing your homes.  I really believe that everyone deserves a joyful and tidy home, and that no matter how messy your current space is, it can be transformed!

So, are you ready to start your own tidying journey? 

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