Decluttering Tips to Get you Started

I really hope you've already made a commitment to tidy once and for all! Minimizing your belongings is the first step to achieving a joyful space, so decluttering is definitely the way to get started!

It was early 2016 when I started decluttering and organizing our home using the KonMari Method. After learning about the method, I think I got too excited and started right away. Looking back, I wish I could have prepared myself better and saved myself some troubles!

So here are my learning and tips to help you get started!

1.  Create your own vision board. Envisioning your ideal lifestyle is the 1st step in the KonMari method. For me, I went instagram and pinterest crazy and saved all the photos of organized homes I'd like love to achieve.

This is my own IG photo collection of ideal homes I love!


2. Take an inventory of your belongings. Walk through your entire house, open up each and every cabinets, drawers, and storage spaces. Get a notebook and write them down. This will help you determine which one to prioritize first and in creating your categories and sub categories.

3. Start with your own clothing items. Unless you feel that there's a category that is very urgent to declutter and organize, you can start with your own clothes first. This should be the easiest and most impactful category to declutter. 

Start with your OWN clothes and wake up the next morning with a joyful closet!

Start with your OWN clothes and wake up the next morning with a joyful closet!

3. Prepare the must-haves!

  • Face mask - If you haven't decluttered in a long time, chances are, dust has accumulated in your space. So make sure to wear a mask especially if you have asthma or allergy to dust.
  • Garbage bags or balik-bayan boxes - You need about 3 of these to store your discarded items. After choosing which ones to keep, sort the ones you've let go to 3 piles: donate, sell or toss!
  • Water and snacks - Don't forget to hydrate yourself throughout the process, and take mini breaks in between!

4. Take before and after photos. Do not forget to take before and after photos. Be proud of what you've achieved and share it to other people for inspiration! We can even feature your success story here too!

5. Schedule your decluttering day. Choose the earliest date possible to do your first decluttering session. Try to keep out any potential distractions as well - including your parents and kids. Amount of time it takes to declutter a category will depend on the volume of items you have and speed of your decision making ability. For me, I was able to declutter and organize ALL my clothes, shoes and bags for a total of 5 hours with small breaks in between. Not bad, huh?

Decluttering can be physically, mentally and emotionally draining (much like losing weight and working out). But I tell you, it is doable and WORTH IT. If you need any help or simply wanted to share your progress, feel free to let me know!

Once done, do not forget to celebrate your success! Although there may be a lot more to declutter, you deserve a simple treat for a milestone achieved! So go ahead and reward yourself with something that sparks joy to you!

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