Tidying: My Husband's Perspective

I wasn't planning to create any blog entry this week because I wanted to fully maximize my long weekend by being with my family and having a little downtime for myself. But out of nowhere, my husband volunteered to do a "guest post" on my blog. I really thought he was joking until he asked me to read his draft.

So here it is guys, a brief word from my husband! 


Hey guys! My name is Fred. I am the husband of Bebs, the creator of this blog that you are currently enjoying. So why am I writing today’s entry? Is it because I too am an avid follower of the Konmari method and an all-around neat guy? Nope. It is actually quite the opposite. I am pretty much your average sloppy person who doesn’t care if his closet is organized by type, color, style, brand name, usage frequency, purchase date, or whatever. I have a corner in my desk where an assortment of documents, bills, and miscellaneous printed material get piled up. So what can I contribute to this blog?

Well, not all of us give as much importance to organizing as Ms. Konmari. I, for one, rate the importance of having an organized space a 6/10. When my wife started this blog, I was sure I won’t really learn anything or change my mentality. But contrary to what I expected, something did change, even for just a little bit

But contrary to what I expected, something did change, even for just a little bit

I think I have become more mindful of tidiness. At first, I dismissed all of these organizing and cleaning algorithms as a bunch of mumbo jumbo. I mean, what difference does it make if there is a bit of clutter on the table, or if my clothes are slightly messy when being stored. But, I love my wife, and I know that seeing a tidy room makes her happy. So I started to do my part in keeping our home neat. I did really basic stuff like making sure desks and tables around the house are free of junk. I put away dishes neatly and keep the kitchen clean. At first I was just doing this for my wife, but soon I realized that I actually like it this way. As much as this may sound cheesy, walking around the house and seeing everything neat and tidy actually makes my mind feel relaxed and happy! I am proud to say that I have increased the importance of an organized space to at least an 8/10.

I haven’t fully adopted my wife’s meticulous way of folding things. I still have really messy corners around the house which are thankfully hidden from my wife’s prying eyes. I still have a layer of messy clothes in my closet (i.e. stuff I wear at home that doesn’t need to be ironed). But I think however much importance you give to all these things, you will still discover something new about yourself if you try a little decluttering in your life!

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