Clean Couch Happiness

Now that our home is free from clutter, my husband and I finally took the courage to have our beloved couch deep cleaned last December! We availed the services of Mr. Mike Gamez and I was very impressed with their service so I decided to share it here!

Our couch is one of our most used furniture in the house. It is our favorite spot to watch TV, read books, chill, eat merienda and even nap! We just love lounging here!

Our couch is one of our most used furniture in the house. It is our favorite spot to watch TV, read books, chill, eat merienda and even nap! We just love lounging here!

Our couch is made of fabric, which unfortunately is not removable. So all we can do is to vacuum it from time to time. But I just know that DIY vacuum will not be able to remove hidden stains (from sweat), bacteria and allergens in our couch.

Good thing, we've stumbled into Mr. Mike Gamez, owner of Green Grace Success Inc. who offers deep cleaning services of sofa/couches, bed mattress, dining/office chairs, carpets and others using Gruenheim cleaning technology.

So here's a walk through of the entire process!

Booking Process

I knew about Mr. Mike's services through a friend and got his contact details from his website . Since I wanted to inquire about the rates first, I sent him a text message and got a prompt response from him.

He gave me a call to know my needs and preferred schedule. He then asked me to send him a photo of my couch in Viber so he can properly quote the price of the service.

If you go to their site, you can also opt to book an appointment online!

Services and Rates

Aside from deep cleaning and shampoo, they also offer sterilization services using dry steam and you can also rent their Gruenheim cleaning appliances if you want a DIY experience!

This is the price of their deep cleaning and shampoo service when I inquired:

  • Sofa/couch - Php500 per seat
  • Bed Mattress  - Php1500 for queen size (including pillows and basic sterilization of aircon)

Mr. Mike charged me Php2,500 for my couch which is quite reasonable. My sofa is quite big - 8 seater with 8 big backrest pillows, although still in good condition (no spills and beiing vacuumed from time to time). They also cleaned my 8 throw pillows and 1 office chair for free!

You may follow his instragram account @mikegamez_atyourservice to see the different services they offer, and actual cleaning process and results! Their grout dirt removal is very satisfying to watch! 

Pre-Cleaning Procedure

Before the appointment, Mr. Mike sent me the names of the cleaners and the list of equipments they're bringing.  He sent me two cleaners, Ricardo and July. They brought with them the following:

  • 1 Gruenheim Water Filter Vacuum
  • 1 Gruenheim Steam Cleaner
  • 1 Heavy duty blower
  • Shampoo
  • Pail, rags and bath puff

They arrived early and introduced themselves politely. After unpacking their tools and equipments, they went straight to work. They worked really efficiently- only took them 2 hours to clean everything, and they're really meticulous! They definitely went beyond my expectations!

The Deep Cleaning Process

1. Dry Vacuum

The first step they did is to dry vacuum all of the pillows, seats, all sides of the sofa and even the floor. They were very meticuolus and covered all the spots!

2. Shampoo

Next, they gently scrubbed the sofa with shampoo using a bath puff. They did this per area and immeditely "rinsed" it by sucking the shampoo and water with the wet vacuum. I'm quite surpised that this process is not messy at all!

Oh look at the color of the water!


3. Dry Steam

After the whole sofa has been shampooed and rinsed, they sterilized everything using dry steam. They've used the Gruenheim Steam Cleaning system for this.

4. Blow Dry

The last part is to blow dry everything. They used a heavy duty blow dryer and took around an hour. The cleaners asked permission to go out to eat while waiting for the sofa to dry. Apparently, they skipped lunch just to be on-time! Talk about professionalism and customer service! 


One thing that I really liked about Mr. Mike's service is they're very consistent about going the extra mile. After cleaning my sofa and throw pillows, the cleaners also offered to clean our office chair, and also vacuumed every nook and cranny of our living room! They even asked me "may iba pa po ba?" (is there anything else?). 

After Service

Mr. Mike texted me to check how the service went and encouraged me to send him any feedback. I honestly had nothing bad to say! I am really impressed with their service. I also find Mr. Mike so sincere and I really love that he never failed to give credit to his amazing team! 

Contact Details

Now, time to get back to my couch - all clean and smells really really good up to now! 

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