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Where to Donate Your Stuff After Decluttering?

Another thing that can be as overwhelming is dealing with the aftermath of decluttering - the things we wish to discard as they no longer spark joy to us.

Learning from experience, it’s always better to get rid of the items you’ve decided to let go as soon as possible. A good way to do this is by donating your unwanted stuff to charitable institutions.

Here are 5 places that are ready and willing to accept a wide range of stuff from your closet, kitchen, playroom, or garage to support different causes in the country.

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The Toll of Emotional Clutter

Do you ever feel like stuck in your comfort zone, not being able to get out no matter how hard you try?

Well, that's how I've been feeling for some time in few aspects of my life. A few months ago, I've finally discovered why.  I have tons of emotional clutter (some I didn't even know existed) and haven't de-cluttered, so to speak.

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How to Genuinely Care for your Bags

After sharing how I decluttered and organized my clothes in my closet tour, it's now time to tackle handbags! In the Konmari Method, clothing category include bags and shoes. For this blog entry, I'll show you how I transformed my bags cabinet. And as a treat for all the bag lovers out there, I'm also including some tips on how to genuinely care for your bags straight from a professional handbags and shoes care expert!

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How the KonMari Method Changed My Life

Almost a year after following the KonMari method, I will be honest to say that not all of the tips stuck with me. But there's just no denying on the "magic" of the KonMari Method on me. It went beyond the transformation of my home. It changed my lifestyle and life in general.

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