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Easy Labeling Project - Personal Paper Records

In my previous post, I’ve shared how we’ve achieved a paper clutter-free home for 6 months and counting! To celebrate this milestone, I went ahead to put labels on my personal paper records using my favorite organizing tool, a label maker!

Before we start with my labeling project, here's a short review of the label maker I’m using in case you’re also considering to invest on one. 

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How to Genuinely Care for your Bags

After sharing how I decluttered and organized my clothes in my closet tour, it's now time to tackle handbags! In the Konmari Method, clothing category include bags and shoes. For this blog entry, I'll show you how I transformed my bags cabinet. And as a treat for all the bag lovers out there, I'm also including some tips on how to genuinely care for your bags straight from a professional handbags and shoes care expert!

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