Meet bebs

Hi Everyone! My name is Evelyn Sy-Tay. My husband, Fred, and I live in a condo in downtown Manila. No kids yet, but hopefully soon! Most of my friends and colleagues call me "Bebs" and I'm working full time in one of the world's leading IT services and solutions company as an IT consultant.

My knack for organizing started when I was about 7 years old. I labeled my parent's wooden NARRA cabinets and drawers with clothing labels using PERMANENT PENTEL PEN. Just imagine the horror on my mother's face!

Growing up, I would forcefully organize my friends' wallets or bags and end up being called up late at night to be asked where I put their items.

When I got married and moved with my husband to our new home, I was super excited to put everything in our home organized. But not too soon, I found our living spaces filled with clutter again.

You see, being organized is more than an innate talent. It is something that can definitely be learned and practiced. I have taken online courses and read countless books and materials on decluttering and organization. But one book stood out and changed my perspective on organizing - the KonMari Method.

Nope, I am not paid by or affiliated with KonMari but it made a very big impact in my life that I just can't miss the chance to share this to other people. I have recognized and experienced the effect of a tidied home and I really hope that I can be that somebody who can help you make that first step in achieving your own joyful space.

Through this blog, you'll find helpful and doable tips as well as inspiring before and after photographs to help you start anew without clutter or simply avoid organization mistakes I made before.

If what you're looking for is not in this blog, or if you wish to have a one-on-one or group conversation about decluttering and organization, or simply like to be friends with me,

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